NIBT 301P – Advanced BIM in Plumbing Modeling Services (ADVANCED)(Autodesk Certified Revit)

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  • Duration:

    120 Days

  • Batch Starts From:

    1 Jan 2018


Plumbing Piping Design and engineering Course available at NIBT

Plumbing design course, piping engineering course, or other plumbing and piping courses offered in the institute called NIBT

Key Features

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    Expedited as well as regular training covering all modules in flexible training schedules.

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    Training provided by experts in the well-organized facility along with advanced equipment.

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    Training imparted through offline mode & reference material made available online.

Most of the people look at the buildings and admire the architecture, but forget that most integrate working system in most buildings are MEP&FP services. This is especially true in more developed parts of the world, but the practice is catching up on domestic projects. On such projects, 40 to 60% of construction cost is spent on services, and the demand keeps on growing as the lifestyle comfort, safety and security demands keep rising. In the construction industry, the supply of such skilled people continues to be limited and demand to grow. If you hear term “BIM Coordination,” it mostly means collaboration of MEP&FP systems.

If you dream a career to work on an international project or complicated national project, you should know the working of these systems, their modeling techniques, and fabrication logistics planning. In the field of project management or BIM Management knowing MEP&FP services will provide you significantly more opportunities.

Owners, designer, engineers, and contractors get into delays and financial loss due to lack of collaboration and planning between various elements and systems of the building. It does not have to be this way. This course will give you system knowledge so that you can model services and BIM collaborate professionally using modern technologies and techniques.

In past few years, increased adoption of construction technology has significantly impacted project management and project delivery by increasing productivity, shortening schedules, increasing return on investment and providing higher quality. New design and construction project management processes have integrated with technologies like IOT, BIM, 4D scheduling, 5D (budgeting, cash flow management, etc.) and 6D facilities and asset management. This is especially evident in developed countries, where governments have made modernized tools as a mandatory requirement for designing, contracting and project management.

In today’s market, any construction professional might find it difficult to get jobs without having these skills. We wanted to showcase and hopefully teach these concepts to India students, to not only give them an opportunity in the international market but also improve their career prospects in the local market. Missions such as Smart Cities and already engaging modernized construction process and technologies, but struggle to find people equipped with such skills.

This program is designed for Plumbing students or Construction professional in Plumbing, consulting and construction firms perceiving better careers and wanting to upgrade their skill sets.

BIM is used by Plumbing to provide following benefits:

  1. Reduced time
  2. Accurate estimates.
  3. Virtual Mockups/ Visualization
  4. Collaboration/reduced rework
  5. Specifications
  6. Quantity takeoff
  7. Consistence and predictable.
  8. Better control on project – staff
  9. More sellable real estate – owner.
  1. Quantity Takeoff
  2. Estimating
  3. Tender Management
  4. Revit – Arch
  5. Basis System Knowledge
  6. Collaboration
  7. Specification and guide lines
  8. Virtual mockups
  9. Presentation
  10. Augmented reality and Virtual Reality

NIBT is an Autodesk Partner and an ATC (Authorized Training Center).

Quality takes time and dedication! NIBT established as an R&D project two years ago with support from our clients in united states with intent to build careers in the modern construction industry. It has been a pilot project with enrolments for selected domestic students, so far with 100% local employment. After providing tremendous success and exposure to select group of students, we are opening this program to more students.

NIBT has been successfully supporting outsource staffing on projects in the USA with 100% success. By teaching software’s in combination with exposure to live and real projects with drawings study, etc. makes them ready for better jobs.

1. Guaranteed Apprentice Job opportunity

NIBT needs student centers takes on real projects in domestic and international markets and guarantee’s providing apprentice jobs to students after successful completion of training program so that they can get exposure if they wish before getting employment somewhere else. In the meantime, NIBT Career Assistance Teams are working to find jobs in domestic and international markets for you.

2. Certified Trainer

NIBT needs certified trainers to fulfill continued demand of students in various fields. Only NIBT students can apply for these jobs. After selection and successful completing of trainer program, the student will be eligible for certified trainer job.

3. Certified Trainer and Entrepreneurial program

NIBT needs student centers to fulfill continued demand of students in various fields in various locations. Only NIBT students are allowed to apply for these centers. After selection and successful completing of trainer program, the student will be eligible to become certified NIBT Entrepreneur, eligible to open a center.

4. NIBT Innovation - Research and Development

NIBT Incubation Center is constantly engaged in research, consultation, and innovation. These projects are funded after selection. NIBT student can propose the innovation and NIBT will help provide a platform for funding after selection.

5. Integrated International internship opportunities

If you are opting for study abroad, one of your goals might be to have a career abroad. Because of technical differences between India and international building construction or architectural industry, getting jobs just of educational degree is very difficult. Best options are to find internships to get exposed to the industry. We guarantee placement for a select group of students with some of our advisory companies. These seats are limited as we continue to develop our affiliation and partnership in the international community. Our goal is quality and not volume, so please work with us.

Part 101: 40 days

  1. Understanding, the evolution of Construction and design management process and Technologies. Current and Future trends.
  2. Understanding key technologies such as BIM?
  3. Basics of technology applications:
    1. 3D – Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, FP and other integration
    2. 4D – Integration with schedule for improved delivery and site planning
    3. 5D – Cost integration and management.
    4. XD – Facility management, Energy Analysis, IOT controls integration.
  4. Understanding how these concepts are applied to construction projects.
  5. Understanding of BIM workflow and BIM Execution plan
  6. How to be an effective collaborator and project coordinator? Cloud based collaboration.
  7. What are different levels and level of developments (LOD) in BIM?
  8. Basic-Medium level Revit modeling skill
  9. Understanding how real project BIM meetings are run.
  10. Get exposed to international construction building terminologies and technologies.

Part 201: 60 days

  1. Autodesk Revit Architecture Certification.
  2. Revit MEP (Selected program)
  3. Revit Structure (Selected Programs)

Part 301: 40 days

  1. Basic Plumbing system types
  2. Understanding plumbing drawings
  3. Applicable plumbing codes and overview
  4. Collaboration between system.
  5. Creating Fabrication and shop drawings

Class structure and daily activity: To be disclosed during first day of class.

Required Software (Provided by NIBT);

You will learn the required software’s in detail during the practical session. (we will provide student copy of software during class teaching only);

  1. Autodesk Revit and Navisworks
  2. Bluebeam
  3. Sketchup
  4. Virtual and augmented Reality Mockups

Computers – NIBT will have group access to virtual labs for selected time.

Sunday – Friday. Saturday – no class. 8 hours a day . Most of the time is spent on Group project, practical’s, and Lab work.

Distance learning – Student will have to go to Qualitied ‘NIBT Student Centers’. Same rules as On-Campus

Retake anytime – You can repeat the program anytime if the same program is available for small re-entry fee.

Meet Our Mentors

Valuable guidance by our mentors

chetan mogal
sameera mogal


NIBT or National Institute of Building Technology is committed to striving for excellence in imparting training for advanced construction technologies including BIM (Building Information Modeling). We train our students in basics as well as advanced technology used across the AEC industry. We equip our students with Autodesk endorsed certification and leverage the standard software during training as mentioned below:

  1. Autodesk Revit & Navisworks
  2. Bluebeam
  3. Sketchup
  4. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Alongside the trainees can expect bright opportunities like International Internship (for select candidates, t&c apply). Courses at NIBT make the students familiar with advanced construction technologies used in developed nations. Hence, students can expect lucrative job opportunities in overseas as well as domestic AEC industry after successful completion of the certification course as well as an internship.

Admission process for various courses offered by NIBT is very simple. Simply give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment. Once you walk-in to our registration office, our team will guide you through the remaining formalities for the admission. Contact us through following details:

Phone Number: +91 7350255855,

LL +91 253 6561755


NIBT is an Authorized Autodesk Partner & both will be collectively awarding certificates for all the courses except for the fast-track 6-days course that will be solely certified by NIBT. The fast-track 6-days course trains young aspirants for abroad studies in advanced construction technology and qualifies select students for International Internship programs (t&c apply).

We accept payment by all acceptable modes such as Cash, Cheque & Online transaction. Kindly check it with the admission officer and get the complete details beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

At Nasik, NIBT has its office located at the address mentioned below:

National Institute of Building Technology
Dattashri, Near Hotel Riviera, ABB Circle, Mahatma Nagar,
Nashik, Maharashtra 422005, India

There are various advantages associated with the offline mode of studying latest technologies like BIM and associated software like Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Bluebeam, etc. as live demonstrations under the expert supervision of trainers can be managed only through the offline mode of learning. Secondly, NIBT assists select successful students having completed their certification through offline mode for International Internship programs (t&c apply). Finally, it becomes convenient for the students to learn the technology in a group interaction as everyone comes to know the doubts and questions that other students may have.


What is BIM?


What is BIM Process?


Evolution of BIM


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Bim Use Cases


Comparison Between Traditional And Bim Method


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