NIBT 302- Detailer In Autodesk Revit Architecture Course


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    30 Days On-campus


Revit MEP Training With Service Detailer Program

Understand the Autodesk AutoCAD, Blue beam basics and tools in Detailer in Revit Training program. Stand a chance to become NIBT Certified Detailer Expert in Revit MEP.

Key Features

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    Expedited as well as regular training covering all modules in flexible training schedules.

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    Training provided by experts in the well-organized facility along with advanced equipment.

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    Training imparted through offline mode & reference material made available online.

Many of us admire outstanding architecture of buildings but are unaware that the most complicated working system in the buildings is because of Autodesk Revit Architecture Services.

This statement is especially true in developed countries, but now the practices of Revit MEP training systems is catching up on domestic projects.

The expense of such projects is 40 to 60% of construction cost. The expenditure keeps on growing as the demand for lifestyle comfort, safety and security enhances. In the construction industry, supply of people having service Detailer in Autodesk Revit Architecture skill continues to be limited, but demand grows.

If you dream to work on the International Projects or complex National Projects, you should be skilled in the working of Detailer in Revit MEP training systems, their modeling techniques, and fabrication logistics planning detailing. In this field of Project Management or BIM Management knowing Detailing (Annotation and tagging) services and having Revit MEP skill will serve you significantly great opportunities.

Owners, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors get into delays and financial loss due to lack of annotation and tagging skills. Detailing in Revit MEP training course will give you complete system knowledge so that, you can get detail services and BIM collaborate professionally using modern technologies and techniques.

In current scenario, any construction professional might find it difficult to get jobs without having Revit MEP Detailer skills in Revit MEP training. NIBT want to showcase and hopefully teach these innovative concepts to Indian students, by not only giving them an opportunity in the International market but also improve their career prospects in the local market. Missions such as Smart Cities and already engaging modernized construction process and technologies, but struggle to find people equipped with such skill sets.

NIBT helps in filling the gap of skill of employees and requirement of employers by providing Service Detailer in Revit MEP training course.

Detailer in Revit MEP Training course is designed for Diploma students, Graduates, Engineering students or Construction professional in architectural, consulting and construction firms. To perceive better careers opportunities and to enhance their professional skill sets.

Technologies used in Revit MEP Training:

  1. Revit
  2. Blue beam
  3. AutoCAD
  4. Naviswork

Duration: On campus - 1 Month training + 3 Month Apprentice Job. Saturday & Sunday –week off. 8 hours a day. Most of learning is on Group projects, practicals and Lab work.

Retake anytime: You can repeat Detailer in Revit MEP Training program anytime if same program is available with a small re-entry fee.

Class Type:

  1. Lectures
  2. Video presentations
  3. Practical’s
  4. Group presentations
  5. Group Lab projects

NIBT is an Autodesk Partner and an ATC (Authorized Training Center).

Quality takes time and dedication! NIBT was established as a R&D project 2 years ago with support from our clients in United States with intent to build careers in modern construction industry. It has been a pilot project with enrolments for selected domestic students, so far with 100% local employment. After providing tremendous success and exposure to select group of students, we are opening this program to more student.

NIBT has been successfully supporting outsource staffing on projects in USA with 100% success. By teaching software’s in combination with exposure on live and real projects with drawings study, etc makes them ready for better jobs.

1. Job Opportunities and Your Role

Well perform candidates in internship will get 100% job.

After completing this course you will be:

  1. Revit MEP Detailer Expert
  2. Structural Detailer in Revit
  3. Autodesk AutoCAD Detailer
  4. Revit Detailer Specialist
2. Certified Trainer

NIBT needs certified trainers to fulfill continued demand of students in various fields. Only NIBT students can apply for these jobs. After selection and successful completing of trainer program the student will be eligible for certified trainer job.

3. Certified Trainer and Entrepreneurial program

NIBT needs student centers to fulfill continuing demand of students in various fields in various locations. Only NIBT students are allowed to apply for these centers. After selection and successful completion of trainer program the student will eligible to become certified NIBT Entrepreneur, eligible to open a center.

4. NIBT Innovation - Research and Development

NIBT Incubation Center is constantly engaged in research, consultation, and innovation. These projects are funded after selection. NIBT student can propose the innovation and NIBT will help provide platform for funding after selection.

5. Integrated International internship opportunities

If you are opting for study abroad, one of your goals might be to have a career abroad. Because of technical differences between India and international building construction or architectural industry, getting jobs just of educational degree is very difficult. Best options are to find internships to get exposed to the industry. We guarantee placement for select group of students with some of our advisory companies. These seats are limited as we continue to develop our affiliation and partnership in the international community. Our goal is quality and not volume, so please work with us.

The aim of this course: To understand

  1. Autodesk AutoCAD Basics & Tools.
  2. Blue beam Basics & Tools.
  3. Adobe Acrobat Basic & Tools
  4. CAD Basics & Tools
  5. Introduction to Revit.
    1. Revit basics Introduction
    2. Revit basics Structure + Revit basics Architecture
    3. Revit basics HVAC
    4. Revit basics Plumbing
    5. Revit basics Electrical
    6. Revit basics Fire Protection
  6. Annotation & Tagging
    1. Introduction to Annotation
    2. Mechanical Annotation
    3. Plumbing Annotation
    4. Electrical Annotation
    5. Fire Protection Annotation
    6. Print in different format
    7. Export in different format

Class structure and daily activity: To be disclosed during first day of class.

Required Software (Provided by NIBT);

It is impossible to learn a software in one-week program. This program was designed for overview of following software (we will provide student copy of software during class teaching only);

  1. Revit
  2. Navisworks
  3. Blue Beam
  4. AutoCAD

Computers – NIBT will have group access to virtual labs for selected time.

Monday – Friday. Saturday & Sunday – no class. 8 hours a day . Most of the time is spent on Group project, practical’s, and Lab work.

Distance learning – Student will have to go to Qualitied ‘NIBT Student Centers’. Same rules as On-Campus

Meet Our Mentors

Valuable guidance by our mentors

chetan mogal
sameera mogal


NIBT or National Institute of Building Technology is committed to striving for excellence in imparting training in Service Detailing in Revit MEP course. We train our students in basics as well as advanced technology used across the AEC industry. We also equip our students with NIBT’s certification and leverage the standard software during training as mentioned below:

  • Autodesk Revit
  • Naviswork
  • AutoCAD
  • Bluebeam
Admission process for various courses offered by NIBT is very simple. Simply give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment. Once you walk-in to our registration office, our team will guide you through the remaining formalities for the admission. Contact us through following details:

Phone Number: +91 7350255855,

LL +91 253 6561755


You can mail us on and, we will shortly provide you with the related solution.

After completion of Service Detailer Training, you will be:

  • Revit MEP Detailer Expert
  • Structural Detailer in Revit
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Detailer
  • Revit Detailer Specialist

After successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate which will be solely certified by NIBT.


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