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101SA – BIM and Construction Technology Fundamentals for Study abroad students

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Construction Management Courses with International internship at NIBT

Construction Management Courses offering counseling and international internship avenues for professional and engineers here at NIBT

Key Features

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    Expedited as well as regular training covering all modules in flexible training schedules.

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    Training provided by experts in the well-organized facility along with advanced equipment.

  • desktop

    Training imparted through offline mode & reference material made available online.

Who is this course designed for?

This program was built for students perceiving higher education abroad. It caters to student with Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and other degrees perceiving international education in the field of construction management, real estate management, facility management, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, architectural design, and similar AEC industry programs.

NIBT has designed its fast track six days course especially for Engineering students planning overseas studies in the following disciplines:

Construction Management,

Real Estate Management,

Facility Management,

Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,

Architectural Engineering,

Architectural Design, & Similar AEC Industry Programs.

Students pursuing their Engineering courses (Degree/Diploma 2nd Year onwards) in Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation are eligible to apply for the course.

Duration: 6 days. Sunday-Friday. Saturday – no class.

Class Type: Lectures, Video presentations, Practical’s, Group presentations and Group Lab projects.

This On-Campus Course is a Fast-Track Course of 6 Days designed if you have less time to build your profile for abroad Internships.

Building Information Modeling or BIM technology is trending across the world, and construction industry has been the principal recipient.

It has become mandatory for Engineering students, Architects, & Construction Professionals to be familiar with BIM Technology.

A seamless technology that has replaced conventional methods used in construction management industry and reduced the use of paper. Therefore, it is gaining immense popularity. BIM is useful in construction modeling & clash detection.

BIM is advanced 3D designing that equips Architects, Engineers as well as Construction Professionals with concepts & tools. These tools help to plan, design, construct & manage projects effectively.

NIBT's construction management courses cover both, theoretical as well as practical aspects of learning BIM tools, simulation software, integrated concepts & relevant theories.

This course, in turn, helps you to seek International Internships.

NIBT (National Institute of Building Technology) is comprehensively striving towards building better career prospects for the future generation.

It is one of the pioneering institutes, active in providing knowledge of latest construction trends within AEC Industry.

NIBT is indeed one of the top-most emerging institutes which offers GIS (Geographic Information Systems) courses in India.

NIBT is proud of being a trusted partner & Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Autodesk; it also collaborates with one of the most top-ranked universities- Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, U.S.

NIBT got started as an aspiring R & D project with support from esteemed clients in the United States of America.

The primary aim of this project was the development of Skilled Persons to provide the needs and necessities of the evolving modern AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

We are now in the race of the providers of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) courses in India.

Within a short span of time, NIBT successfully met the challenge of outsourcing staff for US projects.

NIBT grooms its trainees through excellent software training blended with exposure to live projects. All batches of NIBT have an excellent track record with 100% placements.

NIBT understands the trends of construction management industry because it has closely monitored the developments regarding technological evolution and applications. Construction Project Management has transformed to increase productivity, streamline schedules, increase ROI along with optimum quality. Processes relevant to Construction Management integrate well with new designs & technologies like IOT, BIM, 4D scheduling, 5D (budgeting, cash flow management) along with 6D, i.e., facilities & assets management.

The design of study abroad course is as per the rapid development need. This course's objective is to provide fast-track training to those who seek international internships.

India is a rapidly developing economy, and NIBT intends to be a contributor by creating skilled professionals & entrepreneurs in the field of modernized construction processes & technologies. NIBT wants to help students who seek international internships abroad and provide counseling services.

  • The evolution of construction, design management process, and technologies
  • Understanding of fundamental technologies such as BIM
  • 3D in Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, FP and other integration
  • 4D–Integration with schedule for improved delivery and site planning
  • 5D – Cost integration and management
  • 6D – Facility management, Energy Analysis, IOT controls
  • Application of all these ideas in Construction Management Projects
  • Understanding how to conduct real project meetings of BIM
  • Exposure to international construction buildings terminologies and technologies

Class structure and daily activity: To be disclosed on the first day of training.

Required Software (Provided by NIBT);

It becomes hectic for students to learn a software in the one-week program. Our programs were designed for overview of the following software (we will provide student copy of software during the classes)

  1. Autodesk Revit and Navisworks
  2. Bluebeam
  3. Sketchup
  4. Virtual and augmented Reality Mockups

Computers – NIBT will have group access to virtual labs for selected time.

Meet Our Mentors

Valuable guidance by our mentors

chetan mogal
sameera mogal


NIBT or National Institute of Building Technology is committed to striving for excellence in imparting training for advanced construction technologies including BIM (Building Information Modeling). We train our students in basics as well as advanced technology used across the AEC industry. We equip our students with Autodesk endorsed certification and leverage the standard software during training as mentioned below:

  1. Autodesk Revit & Navisworks
  2. Bluebeam
  3. Sketchup
  4. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Alongside the trainees can expect bright opportunities like International Internship (for select candidates, t&c apply). Courses at NIBT make the students familiar with advanced construction technologies used in developed nations. Hence, students can expect lucrative job opportunities in overseas as well as domestic AEC industry after successful completion of the certification course as well as an internship.

Admission process for various courses offered by NIBT is very simple. Simply give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment. Once you walk-in to our registration office, our team will guide you through the remaining formalities for the admission. Contact us through following details:

Phone Number: +91 7350255855,

LL +91 253 6561755

Email: info@nibt.education

NIBT is an Authorized Autodesk Partner & both will be collectively awarding certificates for all the courses except for the fast-track 6-days course that will be solely certified by NIBT. The fast-track 6-days course trains young aspirants for abroad studies in advanced construction technology and qualifies select students for International Internship programs (t&c apply).

We accept payment by all acceptable modes such as Cash, Cheque & Online transaction. Kindly check it with the admission officer and get the complete details beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

At Nasik, NIBT has its office located at the address mentioned below:

National Institute of Building Technology
Dattashri, Near Hotel Riviera, ABB Circle, Mahatma Nagar,
Nashik, Maharashtra 422005, India

There are various advantages associated with the offline mode of studying latest technologies like BIM and associated software like Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Bluebeam, etc. as live demonstrations under the expert supervision of trainers can be managed only through the offline mode of learning. Secondly, NIBT assists select successful students having completed their certification through offline mode for International Internship programs (t&c apply). Finally, it becomes convenient for the students to learn the technology in a group interaction as everyone comes to know the doubts and questions that other students may have.


What is BIM?


What is BIM Process?


Evolution of BIM


Bim Extension


Bim Use Cases


Comparison Between Traditional And Bim Method


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